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Language learning is a journey. Fortunately, this one’s also “choose your own adventure.”

Premium Gifts

Why stop at just one language? Premium provides an all-access pass to all 14 languages for those who believe variety is the spice of life. This is an ideal option for learners with big ambitions, for frequent international travelers, or for language-curious folks who may want to try a couple languages on for size.

25% OFF
Ideal For Dabblers
6 months for all languages $93 $125 $125 Ideal for someone who prefers a tapas approach to language learning.
53% OFF
For Finding Yourself
12 months for all languages $117 $250 $250 Great for their year abroad or for a period of soul-searching.

60% OFF
For World Citizens
Lifetime for all languages $239 $599 $599 For the person with no consistent zip code or plans to slow down.

Standard Gifts

Our Standard subscription lets you stay the course with one language of your choosing. This is an ideal option for the busy person in your life — or for someone who has their heart set on learning a specific language.

25% OFF
Great For Starters
6 months for one language $66 $89 $89 Ideal for someone who’s just getting their feet wet.
53% OFF
Best For Retention
12 months for one language $83 $179 $179 Help them move past their plateau and retain it for good.
65% OFF
Playing For Keeps
24 months for one language $126 $359 $359 For the expat or the person learning for their in-laws.